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Hi, I've used the shopping cart plugin on one site so far, but have another client who needs ecommerce. They use quickbooks for accounting. Is there a way to integrate the shopping cart plugin with quickbooks so that purchases go right into quickbooks when they're made?


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    Thank you for getting in contact with us.

    Unfortunately for now we do not have a Quickbooks integration available, this feature is under our development list but we don`t have an ETA for it at the present moment.

    If you want we can offer you a quote for custom development to implement this feature right away.

    Let us if you have any further questions.

    All the best!
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    Would really like this as well!!! I actually may have to ditch wp-checkout soon if we can't get it integrated with out new Quickbooks solution. I would really hate to do that, but we are restructuring the company and need to have inventory deducted etc.
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    Hi eTron, 
    I have had the same request before I have searched all over for shopping carts that would do that but was not successful. 
    Here's what I have found out though. Usually the payment gateways are compatible with Quickbooks. So, depending on what payment processing your client wants to use, you can probably set it up on that side. 

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