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Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the price that is associated with a product variation option. So if I have an option for color and each is a different price:

Red (+$5.00)
Blue (+$6.00)
Green (+$7.00)

How can I disable the "(+$X.00)" part? I could not find it in the Product view template, did not see an option for it either. Is this code generated in another file?


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    Thank you for your ticket.

    This is not a built-in option for now, we have a note under our development list to add an option that will allow you to show the price for variations.

    Until then you would have to edit the plugin core files to achieve that (please note that your changes will be lost if you update the plugin so we don`t recommend that you modify any of the plugin core files). The function responsible for generating the +$X.XX price is located under the wp-checkout-plugin.php file as you can see here:

    Let us know if it helps ok?

    All the best!
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