UPS API - How can I add a freight option? If an order goes over 150lb, i get an error.

There is configuration options and documentation info from UPS, but the api is already input into Tribulant, haw can i customize it or add a freight option?


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    I am having the same problem? Some step by step instructions would be great.
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    UPS has a different API for freight shipping.
    We developed an extension plugin specifically for this purpose.

    The UPS Freight was developed as an extension plugin since it is a separate API but it wasn't released yet.
    You can pre-order it for $15 and we'll send you the extension to install and use immediately.
    You will be added to our pre-order list so that the download can be added to your account upon release

    If you want to proceed with this you can please open a new ticket under our helpdesk: so we can send the payment details.

    Let us know if it helps ok?

    All the best!
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