[SOLVED] Shopping Cart Plugin not displaying thumbnails

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I am currently running Worpress V3.6.1 with Checkout V1.7 on my client's site, www.bugnoutapreppersparadise.com.  I'm not sure if this information will help, but my client uses CenturyLink as their web host.

I have had Checkout installed for about 2 months, and the product image thumbnails are not displaying throughout the site, nor have they ever displayed on the site.

The images do upload correctly - I've set the image display mode to full image so that the product loop page doesn't show blank images, but since the thumbnails do not work, I can't upload multiple product views (nor use the lightbox effect on the product pages themselves), and the image thumbnails displayed in the shopping cart show as broken images.  

Additionally, the product thumbnails within the WP dashboard show as broken.

The only similar issues that I've seen on the support forum involve updating the TimThumb file.  After searching through the site files, I found the TimThumb file in the wp-checkout > vendors folder, but I do not understand what / where the file needed to be updated, as I'm not overly familiar with PHP (is there supposed to be another TimThumb file located elsewhere?  Is this file currently in the correct place?).  I am really at a loss with this issue, and I'm very confused about how to resolve it.

Thank you in advance for your help!



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