[SOLVED] how to change the default payment type in the checkout process

I want to use Manual Payment for zero-cost orders (we have items we "sell" that are free), and for all other orders I want to use authorize.net.  At the moment if I turn off Manual Payments it works perfectly, bouncing buyers straight to the authorize.net form.  

But ... this way I cannot use Manual Payments for the zero items, and it breaks if I try to use authorize anyway.

If I turn Manual Payments back on, it is the top option and default selection for payment type in the checkout.  This is in spite of the fact that in configuration it is after authorize.net.

I need to know how to make it always default to authorize except for zero payments.  The zero items are always buy-it-now and they automatically bounce straight to checkout so I think that setup part is working well.  Now my concern is how to take off the radio button selection for payment type in the 'regular' checkout.



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    To use manual payment for Zero (0.00) orders, you have to select the option in checkout> configuration>payment methods> custom/manually payment - Zero total orders turned on, Zero (0.00) orders will automatically go through this payment method if turned On.

    The other products will make use of the other payment methods.

    Does it not work this way?

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    I tested here on our side to ensure there aren't any problems.

    The case is the following in my test:

    * 2 payment methods are active. Manual/custom payment and Authorize.net
    * I set Manual/custom payment to do Zero Total Orders under Checkout > Configuration > Payment Methods

    The results are:

    1. I checkout with a total larger than zero (0.00) and on the billing step I am presented with the 2 payment methods which are active. Manual/custom payment and Authorize.net so I can choose which one.

    2. I checkout with a zero (0.00) total order using a coupon code and on the billing step there aren't any radio buttons for payment methods since the manual/custom payment method is selected by default.

    Is this the way you want it to work?
    I assume you want #1 to be different, right? To only have Authorize.net available as a choice or rather pre-selected in that instance and not to show the manual/custom payment method at all for orders which don't have a zero (0.00) order?

    I look forward to your response with more details.
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    your assumptions are correct.  It "works" perfectly, but I wish for authorize.net to be the automatically selected payment method on anything above 0.00.  As described in your testing, on 0.00 orders, it will automatically go straight to manual payments.  I want the same action for $$$ orders, I want it to go straight to authorize.net, which is the action I get if I delete Manual payment as an option.

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    @Mariethatribula  ... yes, it does work this way, however what happens is that in the list of optional payments methods which are shown when $$$ orders are processed, Manual Payment is the default, even though it is not first in the list.  This is a problem because people (have) bounced right past it and they get an invoice saying paid.
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    Thank you for your response on this.

    We're adding a setting to our upcoming release to select the default payment method.
    That way, if the customer is checking out with a total larger than zero (0.00), that method will be pre-selected.
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    GREAT!  thanks much.

    In the meantime, my workaround as this:  I renamed the payment types on the checkout part.
    authorize.net now says "Pay with Credit Card" 
    and manual/pos says "Choose Only for Class Registrations -- No Cost - No Payment"

    This "works" although I know I'll still have idiots who whiz right by :)

    appreciate the help!
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    edited February 2014
    Thank you for your response.

    We have finished this section to do several new things with payment methods.
    It looks like this: http://goo.gl/KuRQFE

    1. You can reorder payment methods in the order you want them to show on the billing step.
    2. You can specify a default payment method to be pre-selected automatically.
    3. You can specify conditional countries so payment methods only show for customers from specific countries.

    We have this release almost ready and it will be available shortly as version 1.8.
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