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I have a site in 3 languages (english, german and spanish) translated with WPML.
Every language has his own domain (my = english, my = german, my = spanish).

I have a couple of questions:

1) How do I translate the Confirmation message in the Subscribe Forms builder?

2) I see that when you create a newsletter there are no translation fields for the subject and message, so I suppose I will have to create a newsletter for every language (very tedious). Any workaround?

3) To send the localized newsletter, I would have to store the language of the subscriber in a custom field, according to the domain used by the visitor to subscribe. How I do that?




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    Thank you for your post and regarding your questions:

    1. There is no multilingual for the subscribe forms at the moment, we are working on this in our latest development and an update will be out shortly with this included.

    2. Yes, for multilingual, the idea is to have subscribers for each language in a different mailing list and create a newsletter for each language accordingly.

    3. Like mentioned in #2, rather have a mailing list for each language, that is the best way to do it rather than to have a custom field but if you prefer you can use a hidden custom field with a predefined value.

    Let me know if this helps.
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    The problem is that we are collecting subscribers through a FormidablePro form.
    In this case we would have to create also a different Formidable form for each language, and that makes everything a bit too complex.

    Do you may have a php snippet we can use?
    The site use WPML, so we could easily extract the language from the currently browsed page and set the MailingList flag on your Formidable AddOn accordingly.

    Something like

    if ( ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'en' ) {
    your snippet to set the flag to the english mailing list;
    } elseif ( ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE == 'de' ) {
    your snippet to set the flag to the german mailing list;

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    Ideally, the best solution would be if we can make the Newsletters - Formidable Subscribers extension plugin multilingual with WPML and Formidable, right? That way you can set a subscribe checkbox text, mailing lists, etc. in each language.
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    Sure, that would be nice.
    Please notice that sometime (like in my case), we want to set a default Mailing List, so the user won't see the checkboxes to select a subscripction.
    In this case is important that we can set a different Mailing List per language in the "Predefined List" of the Formidable Extension.

    Still I think the perfect world would be a single Mailing List, with a multilingual Newsletter's subject and content.
    Let's hope in the next main upgrade ;)
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    We've added multilingual subscribe forms to the Newsletters plugin in version, see the blog post here:

    But it's not for Formidable Forms plugin, just the built in subscribe forms for now. We'll do an update of the Newsletters - Formidable Subscribers extension plugin in the near future.

    Yes, we will consider a way of doing a single, multilingual newsletter in the future.
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