[Solved] 'slider' width is too small: last thumb is not displayed


Another question from me, I hope I can get an answer for this one.

The slider area in the gallery is not wide enough to display all the thumbs. The last thumb from a large gallery falls off. When I increase the width in firefox debug just a few pixels, the last thumb is back in the sliderarea again.

How can i change this, or can anyone at least tell me how to remove the inline style element for the 'slider ' div?



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    Okay nevermind, I fixed it by replacing my  edited css files with the original files.
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    Thanks for your posts, glad to hear you managed to fix it yourself.

    Have you been able to achieve what you wanted to, though, when you originally edited the CSS files? It might be better to use a child theme of your WordPress theme and add the custom slideshow CSS to that, since any edits made to the plugin's files will be overwritten when you update the plugin.

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