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The license on your initial purchase of a software package will not expire. All licenses are permanent and can be used by the individual or company/organization for as long as it is needed. Downloading future releases of software packages 1 year after the first purchase or after the last renewal of updates will require an active updates subscription.

All products purchased are subject to a 1 year subscription updates package included. Thereafter, update packages are available at US$5 per 3 (three) month period right here on the Tribulant Software website. To view your current downloads and renew the updates for packages, see your downloads management section.

Update periods include 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. You can choose for how long to renew your download each time.

Please note that update prices for Unlimited/Developer Licenses and the WordPress Plugins Bundle is US$15 for 3 months which is more than the renewal price of the Single License.

Updates are available for both major and minor version releases. With an updates package for a product, you can continuously and infinitely access your files for download until the updates subscription expires. As explained above, the license for the current version of the software being used will never expire.

Please note that Tribulant Software has the right to increase the cost of update prices in the future if needed to cover and fund development. The updates subscription price of bundled packages and specific products may differ from the usual US$5 specified above.